Making Do


Good morning and happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was as busy as ever, but marvelous nonetheless.

First things first: my apologies for the somewhat sporadic blogging lately. Last Tuesday, after a long day of class, my laptop simply wouldn’t turn on. With a crashed computer, all thoughts of a Thursday blog post fell by the wayside. Luckily, I had my WIAW post prepared ahead of time, so I made sure to post while I was at school.

Wednesday night, I made the hour-long trip to BestBuy to replace my computer. Excitedly back at home with my new laptop in hand, I was disappointed to learn that there was a device issue with the computer preventing me from getting wireless Internet access.

Bad Luck-2, Rebecca- 0.

After about 2 hours on the phone with the Sony customer service rep (and a missed class), I was told I would receive a new USB device in the mail that should help with the Internet access. For the next “3-5 Business Days,” I’m at the mercy of an Ethernet cord, or whenever I can get Internet at school.

For now, I’m “making do” and posting whenever I get Internet access, so I figured I’d sneak in a Marvelous Monday post while I can.

Aside from my spotty Internet access, I managed to have a little fun this weekend. I kicked off Saturday morning with a good workout:


20 minutes run at 7.5 mph

2 x 15 Bicep curls

2 x 15 Tricep kickbacks, each side

2 x 10 Lateral raises

2 x 15 Bicep curls, bottom-half, each side

Saturday night, my friends and I headed to our favorite Mexican place in town, and I got the most fantastic tacos—corn tortillas stuffed with shrimp, lettuce, pico de gallo, and cheese. I feel like fish tacos are much more common than shrimp, but I’m a huge shrimp fan, so I was delighted to see them on the menu! Sadly, as with most of my restaurant meals, I didn’t get a picture—not quite comfortable with whipping out the camera at restaurants. But, I can assure you that they were delicious.

Sunday was perfectly relaxing. Not having 24/7 Internet access has been somewhat refreshing. I woke up, did laundry, and headed to the library. When I had Internet at school, I was so much more focused on my work than I would have been working at home.

This morning, I’m hoping to sneak in a workout. Then it’s class, with a presentation on the agenda. I hope your week gets off to a fabulous start!

Do you find that you have bad luck with technology?

What’s your favorite thing to order at Mexican restaurants?                   



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6 thoughts on “Making Do

  1. Hate technology. You’d think in this year of age technology problems just wouldn’t exist, Ha Ha!

    To answer your question: Favorite thing to order @ Mexican restaurants (besides the complimentary chips & salsa), would be a margarita and fish tacos.

  2. I hate laptops sooo bad!! Mine is playing up like crazy but I don’t have the money to get a new one (which would be cheaper than paying for it to be fixed!) I honestly have the worst luck with technology, we had a giant Halloween party the other weekend and of course the next morning when I went to clean the house and the giant pile of dishes of course the dishwasher died!!! I hate whipping out a camera to take meals at a restaurant, I never do! The only meal pictures are always home cooked.
    My sisters and I go to our favourite Mexican restaurant every couple of months and we always order the same thing, the dips to share and 2 jugs of margaritas!! Craving Mexican now ha ha!
    I found your blog through the link up and I am super glad that I did!
    Love Gi xx

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