Crazy for Cookie Dough

Good morning friends! How’s your week unfolding so far? Mine got very busy, very quickly. Although I only have one class today after yoga, I have five meetings throughout the afternoon and into the evening. Because of time overlap between the last two meetings, I’m not sure that I’ll be able to make them all. Wish me luck!

It’s on days like these when I realize that there truly aren’t enough hours in a day to check everything off my to-do list. From the moment I leave around 8am, I know I won’t make it home until well into the evening. While I have lunch and dinner on campus or at my sorority house, I’m on my own for snacks.

While preparing food from scratch is preferable to packaged food, I undoubtedly rely on my fair share of bars to get me through busy times. For me, it’s important that these bars have enough protein, fiber, and fat to keep me fueled until the next meal. Obviously, they also need to taste good!

With that, I’ve been noticing some pretty fun flavors of protein bars out on the market lately, one of these being cookie dough. This morning, I’m checking in to share three reviews of protein bars inspired by this fan favorite flavor.

1. OhYeah!: I was in GNC a few weeks ago buying Quest Bars, when the GNC employee recommended these to me as a Quest alternative. It’s pretty comparable to Quest in terms of protein stats, with 21 grams of a blend of whey protein, milk protein, and casein. It’s also chock full of fiber and contains no  gluten. Gluten-free isn’t a concern for me, but is a selling point for many consumers.

So the real question—how was it? As far as cookie dough alternatives go, this one was pretty close! It had a fair share of dark chocolate chips, and I enjoyed the smooth consistency. While the bar was sweet enough to pass as cookie dough, it lacked the salty element that I enjoy in the real thing. While I don’t think I’d purchase this brand over Quest, it rivals Quest in the nutrition department.


OhYeah! Victory Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bar

2. Zone Perfect: this one comes the closest to nailing the cookie dough texture of any of the bars. It’s got a coarse, brown sugary texture that closely resembles cookie dough. There were also plenty of chocolate chips in this one.  Some of the negatives: it was a bit too small for me, and contains about half the protein of the Oh Yeah! and Quest options. Another important difference to note is Zone’s use of soy protein. I personally prefer whey protein, especially after a workout, because it absorbs more quickly than soy. However, this bar also has the added benefit of vitamins and minerals like calcium, iron, and vitamin C, so that’s a plus.


Zone Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bar

3. Quest: If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that I’m a major fan of Quest bars. In fact, I already did an impromptu review of this flavor on a past WIAW post. With 21 grams of whey and milk protein, as well as 16 grams of fiber per bar, this one is nutritionally comparable to Oh Yeah! Overall, I think this one tops the others because it has the complex sweet and salty flavor profile that is cookie dough in disguise, but with some of the best nutritional stats on the market.


Quest Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bar

So, if you rely on protein bars from time to time, I hope this handy little guide helps you navigate your next shopping outing.

With that, I’m off to tackle the day, with a cookie dough bar in hand! Let’s make it a great one.

What’s your favorite brand of protein bar? Are you a fan of cookie dough flavored bars?  

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9 thoughts on “Crazy for Cookie Dough

  1. I hope you made it to all your meetings! Good luck with everything! Trying to fit in all the things in our schedules is SO difficult! :) Add blogging to that and there’s simply no time for anything! Ha! I am not a fan of any type of bar at all – in fact, I stay away from all of them. They creep me out, ha, but that does sound like a good flavor!

  2. Whenever I am choosing a protein bar I always gravitate towards cookie dough flavor, so I totally understand where you’re coming from. I’ve had a couple cookie dough flavored bars, but I’d definitely say that quest has won the cookie dough-protein bar- battle, haha! It totally tastes like you’re eating raw cookie dough (it must be because of the salty element that you mentioned!) Have you ever tried making anything with quest bars?? Or have you tried putting the cookies dough bar in the microwave?

  3. Thanks for reviewing OhYeah! Victory bars! Yes, you are right, Quest bars are saltier. This is because they are more than twice as high in sodium as Victory bars. For people who are trying to watch their sodium intake, Victory bars have much lower sodium.

    Quest Cookie Dough bars have 310mg of sodium per bar, which is 13% of your daily value.
    OhYeah! Nutrition Victory bars contain just 125mg of sodium, which is only 5% of your recommended daily sodium intake.

    Quest bars also have higher fat content, and lower fiber content than OhYeah! Victory bars.

    Quest’s Cookie Dough bars are sweetened with Sucralose (Artificial Sweetener) and Erythritol (Sugar Alcohol).

    For those who are looking for a NATURAL protein bar that contains NO ARTIFICIAL INGREDIENTS, OhYeah! Victory bars are the best option. OhYeah! Victory bars are sweetened naturally and do not contain sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners.

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