Fashion Focus: Beach Weekend

While the summer will be winding down over these next few weeks, it’s not too late to take one more trip to the beach. I put together a beach ensemble that revives the summer spirit. Maybe it will inspire you to sneak in a beach trip of your own?


This swimsuit inspired the rest of my beach look. I loved the pink reptile print on this PilyQ bikini—it’s a fun and playful variation on the traditional animal print neutrals. The flouncy, sheer crochet Roxy cover-up allows the pattern of the swimsuit to shine through. A cute matching straw beach bag accentuates the magenta in the bikini print.

I’m a huge fan of gold accessories this season—they add a touch of class and sophistication to any look. And, of course, this versatile metal works well with pink hues. These Old Navy gold gladiator sandals highlight the “luxe” snakeskin look of the bikini, but the jelly material makes them safe for the sun, sand, and water. Adding a touch more gold trim, the Coach aviator sunglasses seal the deal. Not to mention, aviators look good on any face shape!

Sporting an outfit like this, what are you waiting for? Hit those waves!

2 thoughts on “Fashion Focus: Beach Weekend

    • I haven’t seen the J. Crew ones… I should check those out! I do recommend the Coach ones… sadly I dropped them and they broke, but they were great.

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